Professional photography is a business. We believe the key to staying in business is more about creating long term relationships than taking great pictures. Doing this is easy...we simply keep our agreements...and then deliver great pictures.



Most shoots are priced on a job by job basis as expense variables are usually very specific to the needs of the client. Some jobs can be bid by the hour. For the most part, Chris' rates are based on the type of shoot, how the images will be used, the time involved, and the level of complexity. Chris prefers to bid projects on a flat fee basis to keep the process as simple and predictable as possible for the client.



Christopher frequently travels on assignment and always at very reasonable travel rates. He has working relationships with experienced local crews already established in most of the larger cities in the US, Canada and Mexico



We work on both simple and complex projects, and can handle or assist in all aspects of your production (such as make-up and hair, prop and wardrobe styling, location scouting, rental and permits, catering, organizing castings, talent, etc.). We believe in making sure all the necessary details and contingencies are covered, while still keeping the shoot as simple as possible to avoid unnecessary costs and complications. We maintain a comprehensive professional insurance policy for your protection on any shoot we do.


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on location: tony hawk, incl, vista, california